Matt Tefka: Owner

As a third-generation in this industry, Matt has been around cars and automotive repair all of his life. He has always taken on the mindset that if you provide the customer excellent work, at a reasonable price, in a time frame that meets their needs, you will be successful. Matt has a business degree in Management and Organizations from The University of Iowa as well as a degree in Automotive Technology. He is an ASE certified Master Tech, Under-Car Specialist, and Service Consultant and is regularly called upon by the Chicago television networks to speak about cars and repairs including being showcased on NBC’s “Ask the Expert”. He is the son of Ed Tefka (2nd generation) and Grandson of Morrie Tefka (1st generation), and is tremendously proud and honored to keep the family business growing and prospering for many years to come.

Harvey Hoskins: Assistant Manager

Harvey joined the Fulton-Desplaines team in 2010 and has been an asset ever since. Harvey is part of the glue that allows the shop to run smoothly each day. His ability to interact with customers and manage the constant in and out of vehicles and parts all day is second to none. He is the one that is able to know what cars go where, what parts go where, and what’s coming up next to get the work done each day. His constant positive attitude makes all of us enjoy working with each other. On a side note, he’s a darn good singer and dancer. If you get lucky, sometimes you can catch him performing when he doesn’t realize people are looking.

Ed Ball: “Vehicle and Parts Relocation”

As the most senior member of the Fulton-Desplaines team, we joke that Ed simply “comes with the building”. Ed started working with us in 1987, and just keeps going, and going, and going. Ed or “Ball” as we call him is our “Director of Vehicle and Parts Relocation”. When you’ve been with a company as long as he has, you need a fancy title. If you need a jump start, that’s Ball coming out for you. If you need a ride back to your house, that’s Ball role. If we need a part right away to meet a customer’s timeframe, Ball is chasing it down for us. Ball is our eyes, ears, and arms outside of our shop. He is the face that represents Fulton-Desplaines Garage outside of our 4 walls. He’s the kind, Grandpa figure, that you would have no problem watching your kids. We are thankful to have him on our team.

Matt Boettger: Technician

Matt has been on the team since 2006 and joined while still in school for Automotive Technology. In his tenure at Fulton-Desplaines, he has proven to be a top technician in the industry, and never ceases to amaze us with his automotive knowledge. Matt’s extreme attention to precision and detail has made him our go-to guy for all interior and electrical work, on top of all other systems of a vehicle. In addition, he is our top tech whenever a customer is requesting a modification to their vehicle (suspension lift, trailer package install, lighting system, etc). Matt is an ASE-certified technician and is constantly looking to expand on his knowledge base.

Luis Reinoso: Technician

To say Luis is one in a million is an understatement. Luis came to Fulton-Desplaines in 2008 after serving time in the Ecuador Army as a vehicle tech. Luis brought to this country and to this shop an amazing work ethic, as well as a world of knowledge in cars and trucks that could never be replicated in this country, even in our own Army. Luis has never let go of his Army mentality, and as a result, always figures out how to get the job done. Whenever a car throws us a curveball, Luis figures it out. Whenever a part is no longer made, Luis figures it out. If a tool is needed that may not be available, Luis figures it out. Luis is an incredible asset to our shop, and we are very lucky to have him as part of our team.

Adrian Cedillo: Technician

Adrian is the newest member of the team, joining us in 2017, but it’s like he’s been with us forever. Adrian has not only proven himself to be a solid tech, but he has also shown that he brings a tremendous amount of energy to our team. Always happy and smiling, his attitude is contagious and he makes our shop and our team work together the way any team should. His automotive knowledge has come from years of hands-on experience, and his abilities come from years of quality work. Having Adrian on our team makes our entire team better.